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The World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) has been running since 1939, interrupted only by World War II (1941-46). Chicago is bidding to host the convention again in 2022, which would be the 80th Worldcon!

The soul of science fiction and fantasy is a sense of wonder and endless possibilities. In honor of that, the theme for our bid is “Take to the Stars”. We want to infuse possibilities into all we do, with that effort culminating in a celebration of wonder and possibilities here in the city by the lake, in 2022.

Thanks for visiting our Bid!
The Chicago in 2022 Worldcon Bid Committee

Site Selection is officially open!

June 16, 2020

Hello Chicago in 2022 Supporters!

We are pleased to announce that Site Selection for the 2022 Worldcon is now open (with a few caveats, as you’ll see below)!

As we told you in our last email, we are now a contested bid. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, filed as well and is on the ballot. 

Voting is important if you want to see the Worldcon in Chicago! 

Remember, in order to vote, you must have a membership (either supporting or attending) in CoNZealand. Membership information can be found here: https://conzealand.nz/register

The Site Selection page with the ballots and instructions can be found here: https://conzealand.nz/about/explore-worldcon/world-science-fiction-society-about/2022-worldcon-site-selection

Here’s the details – it’s long, but important stuff here!

1) There will be no in person site selection as CoNZealand is completely virtual.

2) To make it easier on people who would prefer not to deal with physical mail and postage, CoNZealand and the bids have agreed to allow scanned/photographed ballots or fillable PDF ballots to be sent in by e-mail (siteselection2022vote@conzealand.nz) to the Administrator. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS OPTION.

    2a) Ballots submitted through e-mail will be printed and folded by the administrator to anonymize them, so sending in a ballot this way should still allow for anonymous handling by the bids during the count.

3) The deadline for e-mail ballots will be Wednesday, July 29th at 12 noon New Zealand time. This is Tuesday, July 28th at 7pm Central (Chicago) time. 

4) Mail in ballots will be required to be received in Australia by Monday, July 13th (Australian time). Due to the pandemic, global mail is going very slowly. We do not recommend using this option.

5) If neither the international postage or e-mail options are workable for you, we will be accepting mailed in ballots at our address up until Monday, July 6th (Chicago) and we will forward all the ballots we receive, unopened, to the administrator by the mail-in deadline. Our bid address is:

Chicago Worldcon Bid
2020 N. California, Suite 299
Chicago, IL 60647

6) Checks will not be accepted for site selection. CoNZealand will have a process where you can purchase a site selection token online for the voting fee ($72 NZD, approximate $45 USD at the moment) and that token will need to be filled in on your ballot. 

7) Tokens are not yet available – CoNZealand will make an announcement when the tokens are ready to go. We recommend following their social media accounts so you’ll be notified, but we do also plan to do another email to our supporters when tokens become available (we hope very soon).

If you wish to vote immediately, particularly by mail, you can. You will complete your ballot as instructed except you will not fill in the section about having paid the voting fee. You will send the ballot off, and when tokens are available, you will buy one then, and the Site Selection Administrator will match up tokens with ballots. You can also email the Site Selection Administrator with both your membership number and token number, to help make sure everything is matched correctly.

8) Again, we highly recommend doing the electronic submission of your ballot as described above in item 2. It’s absolutely the easiest way to do it and the best way to ensure your ballot is received by the deadline.

We know, that’s a lot to take in. If you have questions, you can reach us by e-mail (info@chicagoworldconbid.org), on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ChicagoWorldcon/) or on our Twitter (@chicagoworldcon).

We hope to see each and every one of you at some convention or other in the future. For now, we ask you to stay safe, be well, and continue to ride this all through as best you can.

Helen Montgomery & Dave McCarty
Co-Chairs, Chicago Worldcon Bid

P.S. There will be a Zoom Q&A with both bids on Saturday, June 27 at 1pm Central (Chicago) Time. It will be one hour and will include presentations from the bids and a moderated Q&A. Questions must be submitted ahead of time via a link – that link and more information can be found here: https://conzealand.nz/about/explore-worldcon/world-science-fiction-society-about/2022-worldcon-site-selection