Bid Co-Chairs

Helen Montgomery

Helen has been active in Chicago fandom since 2000, when she began working on Capricon. She has held many roles for Capricon, including the newsletter, marketing, programming, and convention chair (twice). She has also served two three-year terms on the Board of Directors of Phandemonium, Capricon’s parent corporation, including four of those years as Board President.

For Worldcon, Helen first worked on CascadiaCon, the 2007 NASFiC (North American Science Fiction Convention). Since then, she has worked on five Worldcons (Nippon 2007, Denvention 2008, Renovation 2011, Chicon 7 2012, LoneStarCon 2013, and Loncon 2014) and two additional NASFiCs (Detcon 1 2014 and NorthAmeriCon 2017). She is currently the Division Head of Events for Dublin 2019: An Irish Worldcon. For Chicon 7, she was one of the three “Chairman’s Flying Monkees” (Vice Chairs), overseeing the WSFS, Members Services, and Hospitality Divisions.

Helen chaired Smofcon (a convention for people who run science fiction conventions) in 2016 in Chicago. She is also the President of the Science Fiction Outreach Project, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that promotes literacy and fandom through the reading of science fiction and fantasy.

Helen recently moved to Seattle, but will always consider herself a Chicago fan, continuing to work on Capricon and the Chicago in 2022 Bid.

Dave McCarty

Dave has been attending science fiction conventions since he was a teenager but did not get actively involved until 1999. His first official job was to co-chair Capricon 19, and he’s been hooked ever since. He has chaired Capricon two additional times, run Operations, and currently is the curator of the Capricon Exhibits / Hall of Fame. He served on the Board of Directors of Phandemonium, Capricon’s parent corporation, for one three-year term, and now serves as the Facilities Liaison for them.

His work with Worldcon also started at a high bar – in 2004, he was asked to take over the Chicago in 2008 Worldcon Bid as Bid Chair. Over the next two years, he worked hard on that bid, although did not succeed in bringing the Worldcon back to Chicago that year. He went on to work for Nippon 2007 as the Events Division Head, and has served several times as the Hugo Awards Administrator. He led the successful Chicago in 2012 Worldcon Bid, and was the Chair of Chicon 7.

Bid Committee

David Abzug
Gary Agin*
James Bacon
Pam Burr
David A. Hirsch
R.J. Johnson
Kerry Kuhn
Sandra Levy*
Dave McCarty*
Helen Montgomery*
Siobhan Murphy*
Brian Nisbet
Chris Rose
Ann Marie Rudolph
Jay Spitzer
Bill Thomasson*
Barbara vanTilburg*
Tom Veal
Leane Verhulst
Ben Yalow
Gadi Evron
Douglas Killings

* Members of the Board of Directors

Bid Volunteers

Bobbi Armbruster
Jason Betts
Gary Blog
Tammy Coxen
Marinda Darnell
John Donat
Matthew Duhan
Lisa Garrison
Andrea Hawkins-Kamper
David Ifversen
Emily Knowles-Grumble
Sydnie Krause-Steele
Brendan Lonehawk
Glenn McDavid
Michael Nelson
Diane Osborne
John Phillips
Adam Reuter
Olave Rokne
Steven H Silver
Becky Thomson
Michael Unger, MD
Helen Whatley
D’Andre Williams

Bid Staff

Corporate President: Dave McCarty
Corporate Secretary: Jason Spitzer
Corporate Treasurer (Interim): Helen Montgomery
Art Director: Emily Knowles-Grumble of Eek! Designs
Bid Merchandising: OffWorld Designs
Convention Appearances Coordinator: Pam Burr
IT Director: Chris Rose
Volunteer Coordinator: Leane Verhulst
Webmaster: Matthew Duhan